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Broad Spectrum vs. Full Spectrum CBD

At Tallulah we carry a wide range of full spectrum, broad spectrum CBD products. 

Broad Spectrum

  • Promotes the “entourage effect” (when additional cannabinoids and hemp compounds may synergize with CBD for greater wellness potential)
  • THC reduced to non-detectable levels, a scientifically accurate way of saying there’s virtually none
  • A “best of both worlds” option, because it may promote the entourage effect while not containing THC

Full Spectrum

  • Full-spectrum products are the most holistic representation of the hemp plant because they don’t exclude any cannabinoids
  • They go through the least amount of processing
  • They may offer a more complete “entourage effect” (in which cannabinoids may synergize with CBD for greater wellness potential) due to the presence of small amounts of THC

Choose Broad Spectrum…

If you want as many benefits from the hemp plant as possible without consuming even small amounts of THC. You are sensitive to THC.

Choose Full Spectrum…

To get the fullest wellness experience from the hemp plant. If you’re comfortable with up to 0.3% THC

What about CBD Isolate Products?

These products are made with just the isolated CBD compound as the active ingredient, and no other cannabinoids from hemp. Isolate products are a way to be confident you’re getting absolutely zero THC. While this means you sacrifice getting the entourage effect, (which is when multiple cannabinoids synergize for greater wellness potential) isolate can be a good option if you are getting drug tested for your job.