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Float On At Tallulah Delta 8 + Floating

For decades, people have travelled thousands of miles to float in the healing waters of the Dead Sea. With the opening of its Railroad Square location on Sept. 3, Tallulah Delta 8 + Floating ensures you only have to travel a few miles to experience the same benefits via their two floating pods. 

The brand-new building will be just outside of Railroad Square and next to the Hyatt House Hotel, an innovative and hip area. The opening of this location and its introduction of floating pods was a natural addition as they are the first and only of their kind in Tallahassee. Owner Ashley Guy invested in state-of-the-art models to ensure total customers satisfaction. 

Years ago, Guy first heard of and tried floating pods when she was experiencing pregnancy pains. While physician and neuroscientist John C. Lilly designed the first floating tank in 1954, they have increased in popularity the past few years. 

Floating pods promote floating therapy, which positively impacts both mental and physical health in a multitude of ways. Float pods are also referred to as sensory deprivation tanks, which may sound intense but equates to turning off the senses in order to meditate and completely focus on well-being. 

A single float can promote relaxation, relieve pain, expedite recovery and improve sleep. More specifically, floating can improve circulation and oxygen flow reducing blood pressure, sharpen your focus by eliminating fatigue and increase pain management by decreasing the production or cortisol and lactic acid allowing for quicker recovery. 

Floating proves to be especially beneficial to those with anxiety, depression or PTSD, and it can appeal to athletes, veterans, pregnant women and anyone suffering with pain or disability. 

“Floating is wonderful for anyone with limitations placed on their body, because when you are floating, you feel weightless and worry-free,” said Guy. 

The pods are modern and sleek, closing around you without locking. The water is heated to body temperature and filled with so much salt that your body naturally floats. You can select whether the lights are on or off and if you would like music playing or quiet. 

The two floating tanks are available from 6 a.m. until midnight, seven days a week. Most participants select to float for 45 minutes to an hour, but you can add more time. After each use, a UV light diligently cleans the pod. 

As the largest seller of CBD products for pets and people in Florida, Tallulah’s newest location in CollegeTown will focus on an all-encompassing promotion of tranquility, from a vast array of CBD products, drinks and snacks to Delta-8, a federally legal THC, and the immersive float pod experience.

Originally posted on Tallahassee Magazine