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CBD Pets

We have CBD products for DOGS, CATS and even HORSES. Come in the store to see the large pug mural of Tallulah herself! A prescription is not needed to purchase CBD products for your pet.

Many of our customers have had success using CBD for their pets during thunderstorms and fireworks. CBD may also prove helpful when traveling with a pet or boarding a pet during a vacation. CBD may also help pets with increased appetite, digestive problems, anxiety, itching, OCD behaviors, pain, stress or cancer. 

Veterinarian Formulated CBD pet products include CBD oil tinctures, CBD peanut butter, CBD treats, CBD bone broth, CBD shampoo & conditioner, Hemp deodorizer, CBD paw balm, Paw CBD, CBD transdermal pen, CBD soft chews & more. 

Many products are specifically focused on calming or joint support as well as kidney support for cats. We offer a wide variety of flavors including cheese, peanut butter, sushi, pizza, sweet potato, cranberry, bacon, chicken, beef, and salmon flavor. We also have unflavored products. 

Our premium CBD pet brands include high quality, third-party tested, organic CBD Veterinarian Formulated CBD products. 

Dosing guidelines for CBD pet products is determined by the weight of the pet. It is highly recommended to use CBD products specifically designed for pets and not CBD products for people. We are happy to chat with you in the store about CBD for your pet. Consult your veterinarian if you have specific questions related to your pet and current medications that they are on.